Rodent Control: 3 Greatest Threats by Rodents

Rodent Control: Problem House
Attic Nest Rodent Droppings Insulation Damage Rodent Sounds Damage
Attic Nest
Rodents will make a home in insulation.
Rodent Droppings
Rodent droppings are black in color and can either be rod or capsule-shaped.
Insulation Damage "Hot Spots"
Rats will tunnel through insulation and reduce its effectiveness causing "hot spots".
Rodent Sounds
A rodent's chewing noise can reverberate through wood or concrete, sounding like heavy scratching.
Rats will chew on wires, plumbing and ductwork.

Mice and rats tend to take up residence just about anywhere, and can be very difficult to dislodge once they're in. can enter a home or business through a hole as small as a quarter inch and start chewing on insulation, wood, and even electrical and plumbing conduits. They commonly enter through cracks in the foundation, doors which are left open, roof vents and fans, places where the roof is damaged or they can chew through, and tiny cracks and crevices in ventilation systems.

3 Greatest Threats by Rodents

Hazards of Rodents:

  • Disease: Rodents eliminate waste in the form of urine and droppings'. These waste products often carry diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus. These contaminants can also spread disease by airborne transmission.
  • Irregular or uneven holes in the roof, walls, or floors
  • Spread of Pests and Vectors: Rodent bites can themselves be dangerous due to the parasites that come in with them, such as fleas and mites. Both carry disease and may trigger allergies in susceptible people, particularly children. These "vectors," as they are known are the primary reason why "kill traps" are ineffective against rodents.
  • Property Damage: Each year, rats cause property damage due to their need to gnaw. Rats enjoy chewing on electrical wires, PVC pipes and HVAC ducts which can be expensive to replace. In some cases, gnawing on electrical wires can pose a house fire threat.

Our Truly Solution for Rodent Removal:

  • Exclusion and Trapping
  • Vector Control
  • Sanitation
  • Remediation
  • Re-Insulation program
  • Follow Up & Annual Inspections
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