Total Termite Protection: All Termites, All the Time

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Total Termite Control: The Truly Solution

Termites move in, get cozy, and from that point they're the houseguests that simply will not leave. Fortunately, your Truly Nolen technician has a solution for this. It's called Total Termite Protection (TTP), and is designed to ensure every inch of your home is protected from termites for up to five years between treatments. This innovative approach to termite control works against all kinds of termites, and not only gets them out, but keeps them out.

TTP works by going over every square foot of your home, both inside and out, identifying possible entry points for termites as well as existing visible damage. Once this is done, the technician will address things such as cracks in the foundation, plumbing, and other places termites could enter your home, such as the eaves, roof, and windows. Then the technician will help you identify possible trouble spots such as woodpiles, railroad ties used for decoration or as a soil retention device, and damp earth near the house. The home is treated with a special chemical that both kills and repels termites, even behind the paint in your house.

We at Truly Nolen are so confident that TTP really works that we've even attached a One Million Dollar Guarantee to our TTP plans. If your home qualifies and termites come back, we'll pay the cost of repairs up to a million dollars. That's peace of mind you can't find anywhere else.

Application technology makes the difference

Finished Surfaces
Termite Control Application - Tornado Termite Control Application - Material Mister Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Treats behind paint. Penetrates through and follows barely visible wood imperfections.
Active ingredient mixes with water to act as propellant. Next, high-pressure air forces mixture deep into cracks and crevices.
Active ingredient applied in places other methods can't reach. Get coverage inside door and window jambs, sills, moldings.
Termite Control Surface Treatment
Interior Voids
HP Mister
Termite Control Application - Material Mister Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Covers surfaces of unfinished wood. Applied in open areas and through wall voids.
Active ingredient mixes with high-pressure water to act as propellant. Creates small droplets for full coverage.
Smaller droplets apply more active ingredient more places. Suitable application for attic and wall voids.
Termite Control Interior Voids
Soil Treatments
Liquid Treatments
Termite Control Application - Liquid Application
Poured in trenches or drillings to protect foundations, slabs and tub traps.
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